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FAT Burn Stack - Combined Fat Burning Optimization $99.00
  Expect results with Freeman Formula's Advanced Fat Burning Stack. NviroBurn- Creates Optimal Fat Burning Internal Environment Insynerate-  All Day Fat Burner Alkalize- Systematic Alkalization to allow for more rapid fatty acid release.  The Freeman Formula Fat Burning Stack combines three incredible proprietary fat burning formulas that ensure increased metabolic rate along with optional fat burning while detoxifying and pushing out excess toxins released from the fat cells. The Freeman Formula Fat Burning Stack is non-stimulant and works with the body to optimally increase its ability to utilize fat as an energy source. In order to break down fat within the body, four things must occur: Thermogenesis (increased body temperature) Lipolysis (disassembling of the fat cell) Oxidation (breaking down and burning the fat cell for energy), Systematic Alkalization (To detoxify, neutralize acids and allow acidic fatty acids to be released into the bloodstream) This powerful combination addresses all four areas of fat burning and ensures healthy and safe fat loss, working with your body rather than against it. If you're looking to increase your fat-burning potential along with your metabolic rate then Freeman Formula Fat Burning Stack is for you. With Freeman Formula, you can expect results! Watch this short video as Jeramy Freeman shares his insights.
NvirO2Burn - Fat Burning Optimizer | Freeman Formula Supplements
NvirO2Burn - Fat Burning Optimizer $35.00
Assists in Fat Release Blocks Fat Storage Aids in Detoxification Combats Fatigue Enhances Cellular Oxygen Uptake Neutralizes Damaging Acids Bone Health Supports Vibrant Health Amplifies Metabolism   Unlock your bodies optimum potential by implementing the dynamic arsenal of Freeman Formula Supreme Transformation Products. Designed for advanced results by those who are “Embracing the Challenge to become more” NVIROBURN A highly concentrated, non-stimulant formula that creates an optimal internal environment that will force your body to release fat and burn it as energy, while combating the effects of a negative or acidic and toxic environment. NVIROBURN maximizes the reduction of body fat, while stimulating the metabolism which prevents the storage of fat and ultimately improving body composition. All fat, whether ingested or stored, must be oxidized. Unlock your body’s optimum fat burning potential by maximizing oxygen utilization with NVIROBURN. Traditional fat burners will not allow this maximum release of fat due to the aggressive environment that is created in typical fat loss. NVIROBURN combats this negative environment, neutralizing and removing the acids and toxins that are released into the blood stream. Enhance your body’s ability to breakdown fat with NVIROBURN. Official product of Project 42; The transformation program that averages 42 pounds of body fat loss in 42 days.
Insynerate - All Day Fat Burner | Freeman Formula Supplements
Insynerate - All Day Fat Burner $45.00
INSYNERATE is a unique blend of all natural ingredients, herbal compounds, and amino acids. These ingredients work in synergy to create an extremely potent, and powerful metabolic optimizer. INSYNERATE helps the body to utilize more energy and burn more calories. It forces the body to use fat as its energy source, all while blocking the storage of fat. INSYNERATE’s unique blend of ingredients not only boosts the metabolism but also helps increase the body’s volume of oxygen (VO2), which in turn speeds up the fat burning process. Enhanced VO2 and increased thyroid turnover help to burn fat all day and improve body composition. Due to INSYNERATE’s extremely powerful and potent formula of metabolic boosting ingredients, we recommend using this product in conjunction with adequate amounts of protein to sustain your muscle mass. • Blocks Fat Storage• Improves Body Composition• Increases Fat Burning Ability• Amplifies Metabolism• Enhances Volume of Oxygen (VO2)• Burns Calories All Day• No Jitters / Non-Stimulant
Alkalize - PH Amplifier
Alkalize - PH Amplifier $40.00
Alkalize the Ultimate in Health Enhancement: Acidosis, or the accumulation of acidic wastes throughout the body, is one of the main contributing factors to disease, weight gain, and aging.   Alkalize will combat acidosis and assist your body’s natural buffering system. This will allow your body to replace leached minerals and work at the cellular and sub-cellular level, creating the perfect foundation for a healthy body. Fat harbours the greatest share of the body's acids and toxins. Alkalize will assist your body in acid neutralization and creating a PH that allows healthy fat release. Benefits: Aids in fat release Increase health & vitality Helps mineral absorption Neutralizes damaging acids Fights fatigue Helps detoxification Promotes healthy skin Healthy hair & nails Bone health    

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