Nutrition Plan Week 3

Nutrition Plan Week 3

Review your Goals:

Can you see yourself at your goal yet?  It is time to tighten up your goals or if you have already achieved them, write new ones!   Remember the most important thing here is ACTION.  Keep moving everyday in the right direction.

Improve on Yesterday:

Don't get comfortable...hard work can turn mediocrity into greatness! This week your workouts, cardio and your nutritional plan and water intake need to be at a 5. 

Walk the Walk:

Be proud of yourself that you are doing something you have never done.  Something that others won't do.   Be proud that you are letting go of the excuses that hold you down.  Be proud that you have follow through and commitment, integrity with yourself. 

Letting your actions speak louder than your words is a noble characteristic that you have...continue to develop it.  

This week we are working on developing our mindset!


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