How Jeramy harnesses his Personal Power in just 15 minutes

How Jeramy harnesses his Personal Power in just 15 minutes

We’ve all been there at some point, lost in our daily routine, stuck in a moment, putting the needs of others before our own needs. You recognize there’s a fire within that’s burning, wanting more for yourself and the people around you. 

I have worked with thousands of clients who, like you, are ready to grow, become the best version of themselves, to unleash their personal power! I understand what it takes to create the life each of us wants. I’ve created this guide to harness that personal power in just 15 minutes a day. By doing this daily, you will feel empowered, focused, and moving in a direction to make those changes in your life that will unleash your burning desire for more.


Journaling is an important thing to do daily. Write one positive thing you are expecting today. What would make today great? Maybe it’s a great interaction with a family member or seeing yourself land that dream client to work with or maybe it’s making a better food choice at lunch. Write it down first thing when you wake up. From there you’ll move onto my guided visualization guide.

15 Minutes of Meditation- There is a lot of research out there showing how athletes, business leaders, parents, and individuals can benefit from the use of visualization in all areas of life. Taking the time, especially first thing in the morning will set your intentions for a more productive and fulfilling day. I understand for some this might seem a little foreign at first, but following the guided visualization techniques below you will start to feel a difference and it will become easier to move from one place to another in these 15 minutes.


The first step is to prepare your body. We want to start filling your brain and body with oxygen and "quieting" it so you can be present. Inhale through your nose, exhale slowly through your mouth. Think of nothing at this point except the air coming into your lungs and exhaling through your mouth. After about 3 minutes, when you’ve reached the point of focus and calmness you can start.
Start with gratitude. Name three things you are grateful for. Maybe it’s your latest achievement, something you do well, or maybe a big win for you. Maybe you are grateful for today and all the opportunities it will bring. Whatever you choose, express gratitude for them for 3 minutes.
Next, move your thoughts towards Love. Take the next 3 minutes and think about your loved ones and your inner circle. Send them positive vibes by visualizing for each one. Imagine success in their life. Big wins, lots of achievements, and abundant outcomes. You sow what you reap, this will ensure you are sending positive vibes.
Move onto clients and customers- Envision success for your clients and customers. See your clients giving amazing testimonials, getting outstanding results, and achieving their goals. Envision your clients living their dreams, making money, creating new successful behaviors for the next 3 minutes.

Lastly, forecast your future- What do you want to achieve in your future? Take three things from your goals list and focus on them for the last 3 minutes. Focus on these goals as a conclusion, as if it has already happened. It is already done. 


By doing this 15 Minute Power Session every day you will begin to harness your personal power to experience growth in those areas of your life you choose to focus on. If you would like more information or coaching directly with me, please check out my 1 Hour consultation call option where I will meet with you virtually and help you become the best version of yourself!