Eating healthy does not have to be hard

Eating healthy does not have to be hard

Eating healthy does not have to be hard and it does not have to be intimidating. Not being a chef or a having a lot of time does not have to hinder your health and weight loss goals.

Just like everything in your life, it comes down to your mindset, and when you feel like things are hard, they will be. We can’t say that enough. Everyone has the same 24 hours in the day and how you prioritize your time comes down to what is important to you. Instead of saying “I don’t have the time,” we want you to say “that is not a priority to me.” This offends some people the first few times they may say it because they don’t want to take the accountability that it is really themselves that is in the way.

When you take that accountability and realize it hasn’t been important enough for you, it helps motivate you to move forward. We are always our own worst enemy and everything else we think is in the way is truly just our perception. It is always easy to place blame.

If taking care of your body is important to you, you will enjoy buying, preparing, cooking, and eating it once you have decided.

If taking care of your health is important for you, it will become fun! It will become something you enjoy doing. It will become something that is a part of a lifestyle.

It is not just a quote when people saying being healthy is a lifestyle. It is a commitment to being your best self. Make sure out of all the long list of commitments you have in your life, you are on the top of that list. How you treat and prioritize yourself will always translate into the rest of your relationships.

Loving yourself and your body starts with what you put in it. You can’t truly love and care about yourself while putting things that are poisonous or harmful to it. When you look at it that way and realize that by choosing better foods you are actually taking care of yourself, it actually encourages you and inspires you in a way to keep doing it. Choosing nutritious foods that you know are good for it will make you happy when you truly are interested in and have a love for self.

When you want to have something you know is not good for you, ask yourself why are you wanting it? It doesn’t make you feel better to hurt yourself or harm yourself. We know it only makes us feel worst. Since we have already experienced that, why don’t we choose to experience something better?

We want to encourage you to write down your choices-not only for accountability but for reflection. Ask yourself it times of weakness why would you want to harm yourself? Why would you want to make that choice? Listen to your heart and your body and know that it will help you lead the way.